On the Regime path to ideal and behavioral-changing environment, every step is, in it self, a productive step ahead.

Buy exploring any or all of these steps in our design method, we are able to discover, pinpoint and engage most aspects of the human condition in the build environment.

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    Régime carry knowledge about environmental impact on humans.

    And humans deliver knowledge to our design process

    Call it a partnership in knowledge exchange

    The Régime methodology are based on the ability to uncover potentials or liabilities in the state of human environments

    We offer our research tools to expose social and environmental condition to a wide audience

    Interviews, observation,surveys and POE's.

    As user participation, workshops generate ideas and commit users to adapt solutions.

    We use this as an initiation to a project or as a result orientated process in it self.

    The BA&D Workshop catalogue

    We have done lectures for professionals, students and organizations on subjects as:

    » The BA&D paradigme

    » Architectural effects on humans

    » Workplace landscape, what’s the flow?

    And on issues from a specific environment.
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    Some would consider strategy a dirty word in the mouth of a creative. But we use the word deliberately to emphasize our preparation outside the creative process.

    We need to aim at the correct behavioral impact, before art gets in the pot.

    Get strategic advice to see where your design capabilities can take you.

    What we look for is how human function and thrives in a given environment and how this connects with their purpose there.

    We typically uncover a surplus of human capacity in a less than coherent behavior and are able to align this to a valuable design strategy.

    Get your environment aligned with purpose.

    Profiling is an exercise in fitting the correct design strategy to the identity of a milieu or organization.

    It is paramount that people in the milieu are actually engaged and with BA&D you can fix the common identity to the omnipresent environment.

    Establish and share an identity.
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    Design is the mother of Régime. Everything leads to this. All the preparation is a foundation to not miss with the creative outcome.

    And even whith our art we don’t need audience; we need participants.

    You are part of the magic

    For us Design is the orchestration of any perceivable element to a meaningful narrative.

    The narrative set as a stage guiding your behavior by shape of surface, object, sights and sound.

    Régime design experience with a purpose

    Aesthetics are unavoidable and we have to embrace it on our own terms. In its simplest form aesthetics are plain good taste. In our more intellectual understanding it is an important evolutionary preferences of the potential in the unknown.

    It’s a wordless language between humans that has the promise of pleasurable existence.

    There is not much to say.

    It’s our black box and we nurse it.
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